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5 Solid And Proven Content Marketing Strategies For Tech Companies 2

5 Solid And Proven Content Marketing Strategies For Tech Companies

“Any advanced technology cannot present its magic unless it does not appear in the public eyes.”

Content marketing helps tech companies boost their leads and drive maximum conversions. The content marketing strategies for tech companies are developing in an innovative landscape to drive brand engagement by attracting organic traffic. Tech companies innovate and invent technical products, but the marketing needs to be in layman’s language to help people understand. Quality matters, but the real question is, is it solving someone’s problem?

B2B companies need a more sophisticated content marketing strategy to ensure long-term consumer relationships. The market penetration of content marketing strategies for tech companies goes like this:

Content Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies - Infographic

5 Top-Notch Content Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

1. Create an Incredible Brand Voice / Brand Persona

Brand persona is one of the popular content marketing types for technology companies that is already booming. A proper brand voice will help your followers and customers understand your attitude and attributes in a better way. A well-crafted brand persona will help your audience to know about your tech products in a better way.

Microsoft is a Tech sector giant with expertise in Cloud services, Software, and Hardware. A brand’s persona depicts reliability, competence, long-lasting products, and providing a better landscape to users to help them understand their tech products. We all use MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Word, etc., daily. It increased Microsoft’s revenue in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 to 49.4 billion and 51.9 billion, respectively. 

The clear brand voice helps the end-users to understand Microsoft’s market in a better way. The company hired professional content writers to create compelling content. They have helped the tech giant hold their head high during the market turmoil days and when new technologies are penetrating daily.

2. Bridge the Gap Between USERS and TECHNOLOGY

Who are the ones behind the tech products we use?

CIOs and CTOs, we see, are the humans who have devised innovative tech products. These products are ultimately made for human use only.

Talking about buyer persona and not hailing the analogy of keeping your target audience at the center may not bring results. Hiring a technical writer can always close the gap between technology and people.

Zoom used a content marketing strategy to inform people of their new products and features.

As we all know, Zoom is known for its innovative app and host meetings. You can use it for video and phone conferences. The Zoom Blog helps users know how to use the various products offered by the platform. You can find blogs on leveraging the capabilities of AI to help boost your productivity and workforce engagement, using the power of predictive AI, and much more. 70% of the Fortune 100 companies and over half of Fortune 500 companies use Zoom for meetings and seminars.

3. Build Social Connections

Almost 3.48 billion users use social media daily, and 87% of marketers use social media platforms. It shows that your brand must include modern lingo to reach the company’s audience.

B2B audience keeps track of your social media interactions and how you deal with large-scale customers. Hire a technical writer to make things understandable and easy for your users. Also, you can encourage them to participate in polls and feedback processes.

IBM is one of the influential tech brands on LinkedIn that uses content marketing strategies for tech companies captivatingly. The brand has over 3 million followers. The brand uses its company page to create awareness about its tech developments, employees’ stories, insight into its new products, and much more.

The tech giant takes advantage of every tool and feature provided by LinkedIn. They have 10 pages for their products like IBM Internet of Things, IBM Cloud, IBM Watson, etc. By highlighting their company culture, they attract more feedback and polls on their LinkedIn platform.

4. Use of Multimedia Content

Multimedia content uses a blend of infographics, videos, high-quality images, GIFs, etc. You can do the pep talk with your audience through animated videos or infographics to help them better understand your Software or hardware products.

It is rapidly becoming one of the popular content marketing types for technology companies that brings in wider engagements and customer conversions. You can use the skills of professional content writers to brief your video or animated messages. It will make things easier to grasp, and viewers will be attentive throughout the message.

HP has beautifully used the power of multimedia in its content marketing strategy. They have millions of followers on Facebook, which is their hub for providing insight into their tech products and other engaging tech product videos.

#BendTheRules was their recent campaign in which they collaborated with influencers and celebrities to showcase the creative side of HP. Ellie Goulding gave an acoustic performance, ‘Burn,’ under this campaign. During the Music Week Awards, this partnership was awarded the Best Music and Brand Partnership in 2016.

5. Dive Deeper into the Important Subject Matters

A well-informed subject matter will fetch you more B2B audience reading through your content and connecting with your company. A technical writer writing a knowledgeable piece will drive more engagement and boost conversion.

Develop content that has a purpose and can provide the finest solution. A clear understanding of the subject matter must be the strong point of your content marketing strategy. The professional writer can help you beautifully weave the write-up explaining the innovative tech product and how it will bring transformation. They understand the customer’s requirements before curating the content.

AWS provides a well-articulated architecture that helps companies to deploy and share workloads on this platform. They have tools and a console, and guides are provided for users to deploy the AWS system. This Cloud service system is already on the top, with 6% of the global market share already being run on AWS. Almost 50 million live websites are using this platform.

AWS has carefully curated and expanded AWS whitepapers to provide a detailed introduction to their products and services. Therefore, detailed information on the AWS cloud platform and whitepapers significantly promotes its services.

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