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10 Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid For Better Engagement

10 Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid For Better Engagement

Google awards modern SEO-optimized content if it demonstrates Authority, Expertise, and Trustworthiness. Content writing helps to build a direct relationship with your target audience. A well-developed content lets your audience keep coming back. However, numerous content writing mistakes can give a bad reputation to your brand, as content marketing is the first step towards branding.

The use of content marketing has increased drastically. More than 63% of marketers plan to spend on content creation and paid advertising. 40% will be for SEO writing services, and 70% will refer to social media platforms.

You can hire professional writers who can avoid the common mistakes content writers make.

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Importance Of Content For Branding

Content marketing has become crucial to brand awareness to help them drive traffic and win over customers. Publishing the content has a wider effect on sales as 63% of people spent time watching content on social media, 58% of the users check through sponsored content, and 38% of people will trust only brand content or recommendations.

It renders customer retention, increased sales, engagement, etc. Hire specialized content writers with knowledge of modern marketing trends in writing. It will help avoid common mistakes content writers make, and they must follow useful tips provided for writing.

Top 10 Content Writing Mistakes To Avoid

1. No Backups For Explanations

This content writing mistake is common when writers form a handwavy article/blog without providing a relevant source. Handwavy content or one lacking factual sources will never drive attention. Professional writers must ensure that they add the sources if they represent marketing trends or explain scientific jargon. It will give ready facts and resources to readers to pay attention to your content.

For example, this eMarketer report clearly states that there will be 1.43 billion global social media users. There is a representation of the number, year, and data about social media users.

2. Developing Weak Headlines And Sub-Headings

Headlines and sub-headings give your readers a go-ahead on whether a particular content copy is worth their time. Readers scan the web copy before reading it thoroughly. They will only stay if you have some value to offer. A report states if 100 people visit your blog, 80 will read your headline copy, and 20 will read the content.

A strong headline like the one in the image below will attract your audience.

Content writers must use practical tips from experts or use headline creator tools to create headlines like the above example. It clearly states what marketing strategies you need to adopt or avoid.

3. Poor Research On Client's Topic

It is one of the writers’ biggest content writing mistakes when writing about a brand. We all know little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If no accurate facts about the brand are provided, your content seems vague to readers. It will disrupt your content marketing strategies too. Full-fledged research around the topic will help you to provide insight into the recent developments in the field. It is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing content.

For example, this image rightly depicts how you can make your content unique with the right choice of keywords. You cannot be an expert on every topic. Good research helps avoid common content writing mistakes.

4. No Proper Planning Of Content

Another content writing mistake that even professional writers make is not curating the content structure. Focus on creating the right structure to avoid content writing mistakes that may break your content copy. Create your structure as:

  • Identifying the reader’s problem
  • Grabbing readers’ attention by telling them how your article can be helpful.
  • Create proper headings and sub-headings with sufficient evidence to support your content.
  • Add required examples
  • Give a fair conclusion with a proper CTA wherever required.

5. Not Understanding The Target Audience

It is one of the most common content writing mistakes made by content writers while carrying out content marketing strategies. A HubSpot survey states that from over 1,200 marketers, only 42% know basic demographic information like name, gender, and location. Only half of the marketers are abreast with consumer interests and buying habits.

If you do not know your potential audience, you cannot provide them with useful tips in your write-ups.

Try creating a buyer persona before writing content. Let us explain to you this B2B buyer persona example. Here, Shawna cannot focus on her business strategy. However, by using project management tools, she can identify her team’s and client’s needs. She can supply the right information and develop great content too.

6. Unnecessary Keyword Stuffing

One of the crucial mistakes to avoid when writing content is to avoid keyword stuffing. Your content must be keyword rich and not an overheated loaf. The repetitive phrases will kill the essence of your content.  According to DemandGen, only 44% of people indulge with vendors after consuming 3 to 5 write-ups on the seller’s website. 2-5% of keyword stuffing is enough for lead generation. It will help drive traffic to your business website. 

7. Skipping The Proofreading Process

It is one of the cardinal sins you can do as a professional writer. A content copy is not only about a written piece or keyword stuffing. You are creating write-ups for real audiences. Professional writers must double-check their content for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. It is also important because 90% of companies spend at least 25% of their digital marketing budget on content to target the right audiences.

Proofreading is a part of the writing process circle, as shown in this example figure. It will make your content copy look more authentic, and re-reading will help you to avoid common content writing mistakes.

8. Not An Ideal Content-Length

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing content is not watching out for the length. Long articles are valuable with resources, but something beyond the trending length of 2,000-3,000 words seems a boring writing piece. A few useful tips to keep your content length ideal are:

  • Make crisp and clear sections for your blog/article
  • Keep the content focused on avoiding meaningless points
  • Combine content with statistics, examples, infographics, images, videos, etc.
  • No keyword stuffing
  • A proper CTA at the end is a must

Do you want to create an article without any content writing mistakes? Consider this article outline that guides you to make your content more powerful and enticing for the brand’s target audience.

9. Use Of Copyright Images

Content writers must avoid this mistake because the copied images can attract fines from Google. You can be fined for plagiarized content if you do not mention the source. However, if you use an image, use it from Stock Photos and mention the source. You can embed the real images too.

For example, top-notch brands like GoPro, Mercedes-Benz (shown in the image below), and Lacausa click mesmerizing and emotion-evoking pictures. The audience gets an adrenaline rush while seeing such thrilling images. Many potential users even reach out to brands to test their products and check out their services.

10. Do Not Make It Too Formal

It is one of the striking content writing mistakes made while curating the content. You are writing for a real audience. Your motive must be to engage them in your blogs/articles. Avoid using complex languages, as you are not preparing a dissertation. You are blogging, so make sure to make your content highly conversational.

For example, this image showcases when a customer visits the AWAY webpage and how the chatbot welcomes it. The caption in the image clearly defines how travel suitcases are best for modern travel.

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