Will Personalized Content Rule the World?

Effectiveness of Personalized Content

With Coronavirus pandemic and cut-throat competition present in today’s market, your brand can only upscale if it is unique to customer’s needs. The fighting against COVID-19 has changed the lifestyle and the need of the people. In this situation, personalized content can play a vital role. Personalization is becoming a key to success. Consumers feel connected with the brands that offer products and services vital to their lifestyle. But, let’s first understand this concept.

What is Content Personalization?

“If you want to cut through the fat and emerge as a brand your buyers want to engage with, your marketing has to seamlessly resonate with your buyer’s goal, interests, and preferences.” – Michael Brenner

Content personalization means that enterprises frame the contents around the needs and preferences of the customers. This basis of personalized content is the consumer data available to the companies. The essential sources include current affairs (like Coronavirus pandemic), search engine queries, websites visited, location, clicked ads, etc. Even the information depends on various variables (but not limited to these only) like:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Device used like smartphones, tablets, iPhones, etc.
  • Location of the user
  • Day and time during which consumers carry out research
  • Purchase history
  • Page views and much more

Why is Content Personalization Important?

Dan Jak states, “Personalization – it is not about the first/last name. It’s about relevant content.”

A report states that almost 98% of the marketers agree to the personalization concept. They include it in their content strategy for branding as it advances consumer relationships in all types of business.

Moreover, personalized content helps businesses to convey a message to an individual group. It is more attractive as it makes the customers subscribe to the brand, buy products of their choice, and usually end up becoming loyal customers of the company.

Like, the brand Johnson & Johnson, their products focus more on kids and small children who are below the age of 5 years. They create need-specific content for the kid’s shampoos, cream, lotions, brushes, and soap. Their content provides full information about the product and its ingredients to the mothers or mothers-to-be.

Connect Millennial Through Personalized Content

The modern market is becoming more personal. All thanks to content marketing that has changed the scenario for brands. The tailor-made content shows value to the customers that help them remain associated with the brand for an extended period. Let us now see a few statements that back the effectiveness of personalized content.

1. Majority of Your Consumers Expect it

Buyers want immediate answers to their questions. They do not want to sit and surf the whole Internet to buy simple clothing or fashion accessory. A personalized content hits the users instantly, and they start associating with the brand immediately.

According to the Salesforce report, 58% of Gen-X and 63% of the Millennial customers are ready to share details with the company to get the benefit of personalized offers.

This way, companies can create customized campaigns to attract more target audiences of the same age group or location.

Like, a woman is looking forward to purchasing the watches for summertime and wants the watch brand to be near her location in Ontario. So, if your watch is selling summertime watches and based in Ontario and has stated unique qualities, then voila! There are huge chances that you have earned a consumer.

2. Consumers Respond to Relevant Content

A report states that personalized content is adopted by nearly 60% of the businesses, and they have retrieved great results too. However, how is it possible? It is if the company displays relevant content on their websites, which is unique to the products and services offered. The content must be concise and correlate with the customer’s demand.

Walgreens, one of the leading pharmacies in the USA, started the campaign of “Ask a Pharmacist” in the challenging time of coronavirus. They started releasing informative and concise videos to answer the questions on COVID-19. The brand quickly got succeeded in explaining people to take the benefits of its online service.

3. Personalized Content = More Conversions

personalized content statistic


Ann Handley says, “Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time.”

So, if you are providing personal suggestions to your customers according to their demands, they are most likely to get a conversion. Social media platforms are the best channels to provide personalized feedback in a better way.

Like, a young working professional is looking forward to the right make-up kit based on her combination skin type. Here, your customer support specialists must state the right products from your brand and provide an authentic description of your product. Moreover, provide more links to your product details, blog posts, customer reviews, etc. All these details and personalized content formation satisfies the client to a great extent. And, this leads to the conversion of an audience into a paying customer.

4. Improvement in Marketing Campaigns

By posting personalized content, you can expect faster conversions as compared to the generic content. Moreover, you get the customer’s data in hand through subscriptions or follow-ups. The data analysis of what customers are searching also helps you to carve a personalized campaign for your set of target audiences.

Even research by Epsilon states that 80% of the customers are likely to make purchases if the brand experience is personalized. It will make marketing of the products and services effective and efficient. The outreach of your products will also be maximized.

Amazon marketing campaigns are usually targeted around customer requirements. If you search for the best AC brands, then based on your past searches, Amazon will provide related information. The marketing campaigns executed by brands in the form of promotions and coupons also make a difference.

5. Increase Customer Spending

The magic of personalized content is that it enchants customers so much that they end up ordering 3 products most of the time if they were intended to buy one. Most of the companies depend on email marketing for personalized campaigns. A report by Campaign Monitor states that email is 40 times more effective than any other channel. The content is personalized for the audiences as they receive offers owning to their interests.

Most of the anti-virus companies usually possess consumer data. They send personalized products and service details based on what the user is searching. If it appeals to the customers, they get directed to the shopping cart. It leads to enhanced purchasing by the customers.

6. Enhance Your Authenticity and Brand Value

A report states that 58% of marketers believe that the original content piece is quite remarkable. Even for added uniqueness, you can add the images and videos to provide more authenticity to your brand.

Nowadays, no one wants to see an attractive presentation or demo created traditionally. Instead, collect the data, research your industry, and offer something genuine solution to your customers. You surely get the second meeting with him.

7. Improve Customer Loyalty


People tend to spend more time with those who treat them right. It’s human nature. When your customers visit your site, and if they experience warm, welcoming, and personalized, they become loyal to you.

According to the research, brand loyalty increases by nearly 28% on Millennial if brands take care of them and offer personalized content. People would like to treat as a human, not a number. Content personalization strategy becomes more critical when you are running a loyalty program. When you show your customers you understand them, you establish a long-term relationship and get a higher return.

The Bottom Line

Content personalization goes a long way and connects brands with the target audiences quickly. The companies must always implement the right content marketing strategies to acknowledge customer demands in the critical time of coronavirus outbreak as well as anytime to grab the competitive market.

Hiring the right creative heads will ease your journey. At ConZeal, we can help you in finding the right voice and topic to pitch. Our experienced writers are always ready to assist in developing personalized content, meeting your business objectives. Developing personalized and relevant content is a long drive. Contact us to feel the difference!

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