When the Parenting Skills Took a Leap for Modern Times

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Parenting is an art that has gone through an array of evolutions over generations. Strict parenting, subtle parenting, parenting with conditions and various degrees of parenting that times have witnessed send one particular message loud and clear – Parenting has no instruction manual. Hence, there is some improvisation in every subsequent generation that takes into consideration the cons of the previous and the pros of the current and vice versa. So, let’s talk about modern day parenting.


Expansion of Boundaries with some freedom

Parenting has undergone a certain degree of refinement in recent times as the yester year children, now the modern day parents have realized that being friendly with their child is far easier than being strict for no reason. Sometimes, a good friendship between a parent and a child helps the parent gain the child’s trust absolutely and vice versa. And given the necessary freedom, children feel free to confide in parents about their lives.

Exposure to technology

Somewhere in that love for technology and gadgets, modern day parents have also discovered myriad ways of teaching their children and, at the same time involving the latter too. As long as the genuine intention of learning interactive teaching methods does not sway towards addiction, exposure to technology is a priceless addition in the modern day parenting.

Proactive Involvement in the child’s life

Gone are the days when the father toiled in the office, mother worked endlessly at home and the child studied with (out) supervision. With a substantial increase in the double income group, modern day parents focus on an active involvement in their children’s lives, academic and personal. Even mothers who are home makers by choice or compulsion take a special interest in tutoring their children, thereby taking a peek into their wards’ learning curves.

Exclusive vacations

There was a time, when vacations solely meant visiting grandparents, relatives and temples. Summer vacations were mostly spent chasing butterflies and bugs or, listening to stories by grandparents on the front porch. And, somewhere along the line of ensuing generations, nuclear families have taken over the choices of places to getaway. A vacation spent on beaches, or in amusement parks and science centers, or even abroad is preferred more, these days. Invariably, such breaks also help a child see a world beyond his family circles.

However, no matter how much the modern day parenting leans towards contemporary norms, there are always some hidden fears in the back of a parent’s head that pertain to the child’s safety in a tricky world which is also threatened by technology. Modern day parenting is a delicate business as the balance of handling the child with sternness and subtleness varies with changing times. Also, a modern day parent ensures that the child is reminded time and again of his or her roots. After all, the essence of a balanced parenting lies in teaching the child about being firmly rooted, yet standing tall – A message that has been passed over generations since time immemorial.

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