Some Candid Travel Tips for Families

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Planning a vacation in the head is easy. Planning it for real is not. And, if you do not heed to travel tips, your trip is likely to be chaotic! So, run through the below mentioned travel tips!

Travel Tips

Travel light

The cardinal mistake committed by many when traveling is, packing more than one can carry. Wherever and whenever you travel, make sure you travel light. If you are embarking on a fun trip that involves a lot of places, make sure you carry minimal yet comfortable clothing. If your destinations involve beaches, make sure you are equipped with essential cosmetics like sunscreen, olive oil, shades and appropriate clothing. Also, when you feel the urge to shop around, do not over indulge. Remember, you have to carry all the stuff back too! And importantly, do NOT forget your camera.

Medical kit is a must

Whenever a travel plan is made, make sure the first item that you include in your luggage is the medical kit which must have basic medications for nausea, loose motions, fever, vomiting, headaches and sachets of electrolytic powder for treating fatigue. Besides, the kit must also have anti bacterial ointments and sufficient bandages. You may also carry some orange flavoured toffees that aid in soothing the olfactory senses.

With babies, be more prepared

When you are travelling with babies or toddlers, no matter how prepared you assume you are, there is always some room for baby vomit and poop. In case, you escape these then there is surely some sudden gastric issue or even, sleeplessness that leaves you absolutely manic. So, first things, first!

Clothes & Diapers for Baby

Carry enough clothes and inner wears for babies. If you are travelling to a hot/humid place, make sure you have a lot of cotton wear for your child. And, if you are visiting a cold place, stock yourself with fresh woolens and moisturizing elements. If your toddler is not potty trained, it is better to be well stocked with diapers though, potty training a child at an early age is the best way to remain hassle-free during travelling.

Sippers & Milk Bottle

Keep at least a pair of sippers and milk bottles for your baby. Also, carry a thermos and some fresh cloth napkins along. Thermos can be used for storing warm water that can be given to the child and also for sterilizing the feeding aids.

Medicines for babies

Medication for babies is different from that of adults. The dosages vary too. So consult your child’s pediatrician before you pack your child’s medical kit.

Books & Handy Toys

Last but not the least, carry some interesting books for your children. Reading during travelling is a great way of engaging children and, in a healthy way.

Besides following the above mentioned tips, make sure you book your tickets well in advance. In doing so, you will be able to manage your finances well. Also, carry a journal with you. Prepare your travelogues because your camera captures only selfies, but your journal will catalog your emotions!

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