Learning To Guest Blog, The Right Way

Blogging is a part and parcel of our technology savvy world. If you are a prolific blogger, there is every chance you may have written a guest blog at least once. If you haven’t, guest blogging is all about writing concise content for a website that is NOT yours. This concept took a flight ever since bloggers realized that their writing can become sporadic and clichéd in due course of time which is why, writing a guest post brings in a fresh perspective into the blogging world. Scour through the tips below to know more.

Learning To Guest Blog, The Right Way

Setting the goal

  • If you are writing a guest post, work on how your post can make a difference and can help you earn yourself the title of an expert in your field.
  • Writing a guest post for a new audience always helps in gathering fresh doubts, opinions and perspectives.
  • Guest blogging enables you to connect with the creative guest bloggers in the blogging industry.

Pre-Requisites to Guest Blog

  • Every blogger has a certain skill in writing about a particular topic. Seek websites that pertain to your skills and expertise on the subject.
  • A good readership value is the hallmark of a good blog. So, follow a website or a blog that has a huge readership value.
  • Social networking is the best means to promulgate a good writing talent. The blog you choose to write a guest post for must be regular in sharing blog posts on social networking sites.
  • A blogger always knows the pulse of his audience. Seek your target audience in the blog you wish to write your guest post for.

Besides, Google searches on keywords such as, “how to submit a guest post?”, “Accepting guest posts”, “deadlines for guest post”, “guest post by” etc.; all will lead you to a plethora of guidelines on developing a guest post.

Know your competitors too

Going through a back link analysis of a competitor by using tools like Open Site Explorer, allows you to know the websites your competitors have guest blogged for. Accordingly, you can choose the ones they have not written for. Avoid writing guest posts for spamming bloggers.

Connect with popular guest bloggers

Guest Blogs by prolific writers are a live tutorial on impeccable guest blogging. Connect with them over social networking sites professionally as this gets you introduced in their blogging circles.

Promoting the guest post

For a good guest post, include your bio/tagline and link it back to your own blog and incorporate internal links of relevant posts of the guest website in the blog. Promote the post on social networking sites and run Google Analytics tool to gauge the traffic generated by your guest post. Lastly, conclude your post with a CTA (Call to Action). More comments hint at the rising popularity of the blog post.

A good guest post benefits the guest blogger and the host blogger in increasing website traffic for both.


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