9 Ways To Write A Killer And Eye-Catching Headline That Monopolize Your Readers

How to write a headline

What if you have written an excellent article, news, or even sales page, but there is no headline or it is not impressive? In content marketing strategies, headline plays a vital role in the success of attracting readers. Most of the readers glance at the headlines, and they continue reading the content only if they find headlines catchy and kick-ass. If it is not authoritative and influential enough, then content marketing fails. How to write a headline is a skill, but make sure it conveys right thoughts as well as a solution to your readers.

A survey by Washington Post shows that 6 in 10 people read only headlines, which means nearly 60% of the people do not read the content in-depth until the headline is exciting.

Tips to Write Killer Headlines

  • Be Ultra-Specific: Convey a clear message in your headline or it will lose its charm.
  • Uniqueness: If you find a similar content or headline elsewhere, it is time to research widely and create an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Speak the Way Your Audience Wants: You can build a stronger connection with your audiences by creating news headlines to make a difference in their lives. This goes especially for the companies launching new products and services.
  • Trigger Questions: Why, What, When or How can make the readers stop past your headline and read it for better understanding. You can also use a number or grabbing a word. For example, How to Remove Acne Scars in Seven Days.
  • Target High Search Volume Keywords: Creating an incredible video or content is of no use without an audience. It is better to insert keywords that possess a higher search volume. You can use online tools like Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, etc.
  • Give Solutions: Create an actionable piece of headline that rolls readers into the thinking mode. People do not care about long pieces but the contents should bring them time-tested solutions. A survey state 500% of traffic is generated only through a headline.
  • Headline Analyzer: Make your headline attractive with headline analyzer or generator tools like Coschedule, SEOPressor, and Hemingway Sharethrough.

How to Write a Headline – 9 Inspiring Types for You

Are you ready to write the best blog headlines to grab the attention of your readers? Take a sneak peek into these important pointers.

1. Number of (tips) or Secrets about (something)

Undoubtedly, your readers want to make their lives easy as they are looking for contents that reveal some great tips or open Pandora’s Box of secrets for them. The numbers again do magic. If you are looking forward to how to write a headline that incites curiosity, then refer examples here:

2. Write SEO-Optimized Headlines

The main aim of content marketing is to give a wake-up call for the brand that is flourishing in the market. For this, you can include focal “keywords” in their headlines. The SEO copywriter should ensure that the headlines revolve around a critical keyword. It must be less than 70 characters, as Google takes long to index new words. Example:

3. Creating Catchy Headlines to Become Expert In (something)

A study says that 80% of the readers never made past the headline and only two out of ten will read the whole content. Shocking! However, it is the blunt truth. So, it becomes mandatory to create catchy or best headlines that will help in user engagement, increase the click-through rates, make your blog interesting, and result in good subscribers’ rate. This also proves useful in website ranking and SEO. Examples:

4. The “HOW TO” do (something) with (creative examples)

It is one of the most common types of a headline. It is important to make the headline more compelling. The “How to” headlines work well for the blog posts that provide a systematic guide, solutions, or essential advice. Like:

5. Two-Partner Headline as (this v/s this)

The two partners headline provides more information and an opportunity to expand the horizon of traditional headlines. It is also known as the two-part headline where you can convey ideas in a broader view. The exciting new hybrids can be

6. The Scientific or Data-Driven Headline (facts about something)

The data-driven or the headlines that display sources are read first in comparison to others. Humans tend to believe the truth that will make them plunge into some action. You can also experiment this with your products and services while writing a blog headline. Like:

7. The “X” Posts (X number) of (something)

The audiences get interested in the “X” superlatives when it describes a useful list. These kinds of blog posts engage audiences in a wider arena. According to the study, 36% of the readers prefer a headline to start with “X” number. Example:

8. Make a Personalized Headline (add you)

The personalized blog posts make an instant connection with the audiences as it depicts that a writer understands the problem of readers. This will help the writer to provide valuable solutions from the reader’s angle. Example:

9. Steps to do (something) (intriguing posts)

Deliver a focused and kick-ass post by engaging readers into the punchy steps that will make their day. They may be regular heading but catches the reader’s attention abruptly. Like:

Finally, to write better headlines may seem like a hassled task. With regular practice, you can do wonders. Moreover, you can start writing maximum headlines and continuously learn how to write a headline to choose the best. If you are running a content marketing campaign for your business or customers, then reach out to ConZeal for engaging content that drives traffic. We offer professional content writing services across all niches. Call our experts today to know how we can help you in developing the brand.

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