How to Generate Crisp and Refined Landing Page Content?

In any website, landing page is the first page that the customer browses. A landing page or a lead capture page essentially displays a compilation of texts, links, testimonials and images, pertinent to the customer. Which is why, landing pages must have meaningful, concise and creative content to lure more customers to their respective websites.

How to Generate Crisp and Refined Landing Page Content

Let us share with you some interesting tips on writing killer content for a landing page.

Commanding Headlines

Headlines of a landing page should be powerful, yet succinct. The interest of customers depends hugely on the punch in your headlines. Following which, they choose to read the major sectioned sub-headings, or skim through pictures, short paragraphs with bullet points. So, to add the zing to a headline with about 10-15 word count, here are some pointers to refer.

  • Headlines should be strong, persuasive and, should be a bunch of keywords the customer has precisely been looking for.
  • Next, the sub headlines should list the benefits of the product being marketed. Your headline and sub-heading should be strong enough to push your customer for a CTA (Call to Action).
  • Relevant pictures of your products with appropriate captions and benefits make the landing page content shine out.

Customer Testimonials

Nothing can convince your customer better than the usage of previous customers’ testimonials on the landing page. Testimonials are one of the most prevailing conversion copy techniques that convince customers in the first go, about the product and its benefits. Therefore, for a high converting landing page, customer testimonials should be placed in the front or center, with a picture of the customer who wrote it.

In the world of online marketing, many customers already know what they are looking for, pertaining to product requirements and its usage. They surf through the landing pages only to gauge which solution would suit them better. So, highlight the benefits of your product or service in your content of the landing page. By pushing the benefits, you convince your customers about them being in the right place for better solutions.

Keep it simple

Content is the hero in any landing page. Do not mince words or use jargons on a landing page. Stick to simplicity.

  • Landing page content should be simple, lucid and to the point.
  • Write short paragraphs that do not exceed five lines. Compile them in bullet points. This makes it easier for the customer to fetch exactly what he is looking for.

Crisp and clear landing page is like the cover of your book. Its sole purpose is the promotion of your website with an increase in the sales of your product or service. Last but not the least, include your contact details such as phone number and email id on the website, so that you are available to your customers who want to follow up.

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