Generating Ideas for Blog Topics

Even a good writer or a blogger can be lost in a writer’s block. So, if you have been running out of ideas for your blog posts or, have been busy searching for ideas to create content for your blog that would increase your blog traffic, go through the following interesting tips to gather ideas on blogging topics.

Generating Ideas for Blog Topics

  1. When you cannot write, read – For an avid blogger, the key to keep those creative juices flowing is to read voraciously. Therefore, to snap out of a writer’s block, one must read a variety of blogs, news, press releases and a lot of trending topics on social media. Reading not only gives you an upper hand in the aspect of vocabulary but, helps you expand your comfort zone of writing over myriad topics, too.
  2. Explore DIY ideas – Given that, you hold an expertise over certain DIY ideas, you invariably have a better understanding on blogging about them. Such articles are laced with personal experiences and can be spiced up with interesting captions, one-liners and photos. For instance, if you are a good baker, words will never fail you if you plan to blog about baking.
  3. Know and acknowledge your target audience – A prolific blogger knows well his target audience that loyally follows the blog and leaves comments. So, make sure you read comments and queries left by them and, reply to them frequently. Sometimes, you may come across new topics to blog about, in comments’ section where a particular comment might just spur a volley of ideas to blog, for you.
  4. Use Google Alerts! – If you have an array of specialized topics that you choose to follow online, create Google Alerts and receive daily, weekly or a fortnightly emails on quality topics that interest you. For instance, if your keyword search involves blogging tips, you will receive emails pertaining to all aspects of tips for meaningful blogging.
  5. Connect Professionally On Social Media – With the use of hash tags and groups in social media, the search for relevant content has been localized even further. You will never run short of ideas to blog if you are on Twitter and LinkedIn, which are abuzz with topics on news, jobs, social networking et al. For instance, if you are a part of LinkedIn, you can search for ideas by scouring through groups and industries by certain tags. So, you instantly get a hang of the recently trending topics online.

For a blogger, the idea to blog can stem from a combination of keyword searches too, which may yield some interesting ideas to blog about. Remember to provide links to industry specific articles for your target audience. Intermittently, you may also invite an industry specialist to guest blog for you.

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