Gaining Trust with Teenagers

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There is an anticipated paradigm shift in the life of a child when teenage arrives with hormonal and physical changes. Apparently, teenagers enter a phase in life where they are convinced that they are adults although the world refuses to acknowledge them as one. And, troubles start brewing in the parenting world, where trust issues with teenagers becomes a sore point to breach. So, follow the below mentioned tips to gain trust with your teenagers.

Gaining TrustMore a friend, less a parent

Even Chanakya has said, “For the first five years, the child should be pampered. For the next ten years, he should be disciplined and once he enters the teenage, he should be treated as a friend.” So, build a strong bulwark of trust by instilling a sense of security and trust in your teenager by talking to him or her regularly as a friend. Such sessions on a daily basis gains you an insight into his circle of friends and acquaintances.

Share your experiences as a teenager

In many cases, teenagers are less vocal about their feelings when it comes to discussing their world of infatuations and love with their parents. So, draw the circle of trust by sharing interesting anecdotes from your childhood with them. Encourage them to share their feelings about the subject and their perspective of life freely with you. Because, as parents you must first understand that, trust goes both ways. The only way to learn the elusive answers from your teenager is, by learning to trust your child. At the same time, help your teenager understand that, these momentary diversions are only a part of life and that, the future for them holds much more than this.

Encourage discussions, not arguments

Emotional and reactive responses from you as a parent to your teenager’s behavior can damage a trust building activity instantly. So make sure, you are a good listener with an open mind when your teenagers choose to discuss about their interests, desires and goals with you.

Be a part of your teenager’s life, online too

Do not deprive your teenagers from indulging in social networking. But, help them understand the repercussions of over indulgence by citing real life examples of cases wherein dangerous obsessions in the virtual world have led to mental disorders. Importantly, be a part of your teenager’s life in the virtual world too.

Despite the above mentioned tips on building trust with your teenagers, there will be times when they fail to comprehend your good intentions and the thin line of difference between right and wrong. In such dicey moments, do not flare up. Stay calm and let a day pass before breaching the topic with caution. Remember, trust is a fundamental building block in any relationship and in parenting, too much and too less of it can only lead to slamming doors and unspoken words. But what is even more important for a parent to remember is the age old adage, “Practice what you preach”.

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