7 Powerful Content Marketing Strategies to Make You Super in 2019

Content Marketing Strategies in 2019

The marketing world is volatile. With the emergence of new tools and technology, and people exposing the content greatly, the expectation of quality content has increased significantly. The marketers need to put fresh spins on old methods. Now, the calendar is about to turn a page and your content marketing strategies will probably need as well.

The year 2019 has much to offer, which means

– Content Marketing will take a forward leap

– Content creation and its marketing will witness a radical makeover

Many questions must be arising in the readers’ mind. What strategically changes needed in the content marketing strategies? What significant trends do we need to acknowledge? What are the present statistics of content marketing performance?

Numerous questions have already paved their way. According to the study, 70% of the B2B marketers reported that their content marketing approach was 17% more successful than the last year, and 53% told it to be somewhat successful.

With rapid changes witnessing in the online world, it is necessary to follow the pace. While reading along, you will feel connected to most of the points.

Let us see these 7 game-changing content marketing strategies of 2019.

Content Marketing Strategies - 2019
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1. Document Your Content Marketing Strategies

Brainstorming and developing a creative mind-set are the only things that will help your team to put groundbreaking ideas onboard. A relevant feedback from the clients and end customers proves supportive in making goals.

A survey showed that nearly 93% of the top performers in the market stated that their organization was extremely committed to content marketing. A few companies cannot make to the list because of less focus on the content. So, to keep an eye on the performance of your content, you need to

  • Get inspired ideas
  • Plan the content
  • Write and post it timely
  • Effective promotion
  • Measure your ROI
  • Important – Make improvements continuously
  • Drive your team towards a common goal

2. Set Up the Key Performance Indicators

You may be performing well in your business but sometimes, the content may not attract a relevant traffic. This calls for setting up some serious marketing goals. To measure this, the business houses must set up some “Key Performance Indicators.” This may include:

  • Target a particular amount of revenue monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Get new E-mail subscribers every month
  • Measure your quality leads
  • Ranking of your business on targeted keywords with various search engines
  • Measure website traffic
  • Social media engagement – likes, shares, and comments
  • Keep an eye on your expenditure and cost for acquiring leads

3. Be Consistent and Committed

Nearly 39% of the B2B marketers possess “actually documented” content marketing strategy. Even 58% of the businesses stated that they are extremely committed to content marketing. Overall, it shows that authenticity is the only key. It is important for organizations to commit themselves to frame transparent, intuitive, and interactive content. The businesses must watch out for the latest trends like including audio, videos, high-quality images, etc. to make the content watchful.

One must prioritize certain strategies, including newer content, customization of strategies and so on. The companies can also hire a professional content writer to write an engaging content. You can reach out to ConZeal at info@conzeal.biz or call +91 9428166988 for professional writing services. We have a team of committed and dedicated writing experts and can help you to spread your business globally by attracting the target audiences to your site.

4. Focus on Distribution of the Content

You cannot be away just by writing the content. The distribution and resurfacing of content over the Internet are also significant. The organizations can resurface the existing content for attracting new audiences. The resurfacing will include latest hits, the relevance of the temporal contents, simple research, or pieces of information, etc. As an example, the online publishers namely, ‘The Atlantic’ get their 50% of the monthly traffic from the distribution of the already produced content. The content team should keep an eye on the ongoing writing trends before resurfacing certain posts.

5. Talk About The Trend

Create a powerful content that speaks for itself. The content should not be written just for the sake of writing. The SEO content writers must know how to set content creation strategies. It should not just target the keywords, but also the set of audiences targeted for certain product or services. The ‘Topic Clusters’ is seen as a new face of content strategy and SEO. Here, the pillar pages and cluster pages are linked through similar “hyperlinked keyword.” This will provide a boost in ranking to your post, improve the search ranking, hard-hitting approach towards blog or article posts, etc. Even the content marketers use organic gaps among these ‘Topic Clusters.’

6. Tie-Up with the Influencers and Other Brands

The Influencer scene is on the rise today. Here, the brands collaborate with social media influencers or celebrities to promote their brand name. This aids in providing visibility to your content. It seems nearly 92% of the online users will trust someone’s recommendation rather than the brand name itself.

Moreover, we can see multiple brands creating the content together to hit the market with new ideas. For example, Riding Company Uber has been tied-up with Pandora giving the personalized their customers’ ride through music.

This content marketing strategy will support the businesses to make a good amount of profit. It involves getting newer content straight from the influencer, genuine reviews, brand usage stories, long-term relation with the customers, etc. Therefore, it is vital to tie-up with those influencers and other brands that matches your passion and commitment towards your brand.

7. Work out on Your Time and Budget

It is great if you can give some time to your content marketing strategies. To apply newer ideas and getting results out of them require time. A study revealed that nearly 55% of the successful companies are expecting an increase in their budget in 2019.

Moreover, the involvement of the latest promotional ideas and emerging channels will take some time to evolve. So, patience is the only key. The marketers must take under consideration what technologies can bring the best ROI as implementing AI, Voice Technology, using Social Media platform vigorously, and much more.

Final Words

Are you wondering from where to start? Analyze your best-performing channels in 2018 and synchronize them. With this, you will get more insight into which content marketing strategies to adopt in 2019. This will help you to run your campaigns successfully in New Year. The things worth mentioning here keep bringing more ideas and never stop taking feedback from your customers.

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