Content is King – Yes, it still is!

There were days when content in the website used to be extensive description of products, company history and services offered by the company. SEO or Search Engine Optimization took over the world and then the world woke up to having “keywords” in the content. Now, to every web designer and developer worth his penny would be familiar with “keywords”. The main aim of creating the necessity of using keywords was to ensure that the right audience gets the right website from the tons and thousands of websites in the search engine results. But, sadly just to ensure that there is a whole lot of traffic for a website, companies with sly web developers and content writers used malpractices of ‘pushing’ in or ‘forcing’ in keywords even where they are not needed.

Content is KingMalpractices and unethical ways in content:

As said earlier, whenever a rule is laid for making things orderly and systematic, there would be certain rule breakers who would find out ways on how to over ride those rules. For instance, there are few content writers who would spend time finding relevant keywords for a particular page or product and without any care about density or anything would push keywords everywhere in bulk irrespective of the fact that it is actually necessary there or not. These kinds of malpractices were the main reasons for the search engines to pause and really analyze the issues and comprehend if the work was being conducted properly or not. Many people even resorted to using few pictures instead of content. These kinds two digits game of malpractices indeed made us question if “content is king” or not!

New changes by search engines:

Top search engines like Google and Bing decided that enough was enough and people should get back to making sure the content meet the required keyword density and only then proceed with the rest. If the content comes with bad grammar or incorrect spellings too, it began highlighting those and this too fell under the scanner of content. So, this proved that content needed to be good, really good, before they could be given out online in the website.

This began the era of good and engaging content and this raised the prospects of good content writers around the world. Thankfully, today, we have a team of content writers who can understand the difference between badly constructed and fairly constructed sentences. Even today Content is King, and that too because of the hard work done by few wise people.

One cannot always be lyrical, but one can definitely construct neat lines and express through words about his company’s benefits and why one should go for that company’s products or services. Keywords have not taken a bow and backed out, rather, they are being used judiciously and keeping in mind that they will not be entertained if the content is a bunch of meaningless sentences.

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