5 Tips to Decrease your Website’s Bounce Rate Successfully

A high website bounce rate is something that must be taken care of immediately. It has the potential to cause a serious setback to your online business, irrespective of your quality products or services. Hence, it is best to implement some useful tips to decrease the same as early as possible. This can be better understood via below image which gives basic information about bounce rate and the Exit page. So, your efforts should be directed towards achieving the right kind of traffic for your website and the top 5 tips for the same are as follows.
Bounce Rate and Exit Page

Improve the speed of your website

A user visiting your website and spending a few seconds to open it is really frustrating and if the loading time is long, he will simply choose to open another website. First couples of seconds are hence very crucial in determining whether you will be able to make your visitor stay at your website or not.

There are plenty of online tools available to improve a website’s speed. Some of these are Pingdom, Google Page Speed, GTmetrix, etc. An ideal load time is between 1-2 seconds. Your choice of web host, page size, switching off unusable plug-ins, and minimizing the number of bad requests and re-direct links can also contribute significantly in improving your website speed at the end of the day.

Inclusion of long tail key phrases in content

This strategy is good to direct small but genuine traffic that can lead to sales conversion. For example, if your website is selling laptops, it is best to use long tail key phrases like “high performance laptops” instead of just “laptops”. This also makes sure that less people are abandoning your website as they are getting what they have searched over the search engines. This tip works excellently to get the target visitors without spending too much and effortlessly. This also helps you to fetch improved rankings for your website. You can always become more specific by including long tail key phrases consisting of more keywords like “laptops with long battery backup”.

Ensure website navigation an easy affair

You have to make sure that visitors visiting your website for the first time will experience no difficulty in finding the intended product or services on your website. There should not be a maze of buttons that will compel them to abandon your site altogether. It is best to make navigation elements clickable and structured to prolong your visitor’s stay.

High Quality Images to Capture User Attention

Images are always an amazing way of grabbing a visitor’s attention and high quality images prove very effective in this regard. Even the reputed companies with minimalistic design layouts are now switching on to use impressive images their landing pages to get the right kind of attention.

Target Abandoning Users

If despite all your strategies to make visitors stay at your website, they are abandoning your website; so show them a message like “subscribe our newsletter” or likewise that can engage them further and can reduce your bounce rate.

These tips are vital as your website’s high bounce rate clearly implies that users visiting your website are switching to another website without navigating through other web pages of your site. This is not a normal behavior as this means the traffic directing to your website is wrong.

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