5 Booming Content Creation Strategies For Branding


Most of us invest massive efforts for generating content to brand our products or services over the web, but forget completely that more than the actual generation, it is essential to analyze the content creation strategies and that too accurately. As a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, accurate analysis of your content has the potential to yield enormous benefits, but the big question is how to analyze the same?

Actually, analyzing your content is much like gazing at the interiors of your house to make it a perfect home. Just like you analyze your interiors, and then decide the kind of new furniture you will buy, your content also demands a detailed analysis.

But, you do not worry and stress your mind. We are here to guide you with five simple steps in this blog post about how to analyze your content marketing strategies for branding before actually preparing it.

1. Ongoing Research For Keywords

You must have searched an ample number of keywords to target your specific customers, but it should be an ongoing process. There are a large number of online tools that you can use to research for keywords. You will be surprised that even a small tweak like using the keyword “attorney” in place of “lawyer” brings more traffic to your content.

By an ongoing keyword research, you become able to know what kinds of question people search online like “What is the best treatment for hair loss” or “How to address an attorney in a letter.” Based on such questions, you can understand the types of phrases people use and can create content that answers these questions.

2. Look At The Content Of Your Competitors

While you are working tirelessly, your competitors are also working to climb the ladders of success. Hence, a glance at their digital content strategy makes a perfect sense. After all, they are also targeting the same segment of an audience as yours to sell or promote their products and services.

Pay attention to the types of articles or blogs they are publishing regularly. Also, take a note of their posts and tweets shared on social media platforms. Consequently, it will become easier for you to figure out the kind of content you need to create to engage your audience successfully.

3. Try To Ask Questions To Your Audience

More than creating content, it is tough to know the type of content audience loves to read. One of the easiest ways to know the same is to ask the audience in indirect ways. Either, encourage them to comment on your posts or add a call to action button. If these are not yielding desirable results, write a list of top bloggers in a niche area and ask them to include names in the comment section that they will love to include in this coveted list of bloggers. This will let you know the bloggers they follow, and the type of content they prefer to read.

4. Go By The Rule: No Fixed Length

Many may try to thrust on you, their belief that audience just loves to read a 500-word article or post and anything beyond the same force them to click on some other website. However, there is no fixed length of content, which appeals to all audience types. They respond to the published content as per individual preference. Based on the confirmation by multiple studies, it has become clear that small posts on Facebook and Twiter, not more than 100 characters result in maximum readership. It is also true that many people love to read in-depth articles with a lot of statistics and quotes on niche subject areas. You have to look what digital content strategy is best for you, as there is no fixed length.

5. Determine When To Publish

The most important content creation strategy for branding is to understand when your target audience loves to consume your content. It should be however within non-popular hours for maximum audience engagement. For example, timing from 1:00pm to 4:00pm is best for publishing posts or tweets on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. On LinkedIn, ideal days to post your content are Tuesday to Thursday. However, for Facebook and Twitter, Monday to Thursday works fine. In addition, it is a fact that tweets and posts with images ensure the higher rate of engagement.

You need to analyze the optimal time for publishing. It is best to schedule the timing of publishing your content with the time zone of your target audience. However, for blogs, the best time for your audience in the overseas is between 9:30am and 11:00am as per the USA East Coast time.

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