Unveil 3 Reasons Your Content Not Getting Shared, And Tips To Address Them


Despite putting enormous time and effort into building a fabulous content, is it not driving in much traction you wished? Then you still need to work on the key areas of improvement, and we will help you detect those bottlenecks and suggest some excellent ways take them head-on.

If you have an impressive and authentic content on the web, hoping for a good amount of social media sharing is obvious. The main aim behind content development is to reach out to the audiences through exponential share by the users. No matter if a user is sharing your content on the networking sites or any user is landing on your webpage through a shared link of your content on social media pages, both are going to serve the purpose of getting wider visibility and social acceptance.

Still, it completely depends on the end-users who have the choice to share or not to share. Many non-proven practices can be adapted to ensuring more shares for your contents. Thus, you have to detect the underlying issues and work on them strategically for better results.

1. Target Audience


When it comes to sharing of contents on social platforms, choosing the right audience and delivering them, the relevant content plays a major role.

Right audience

Developing contents without targeting any specific niche can often turn out to be futile. Moreover, if you do not have a particular section of the audience in mind, it becomes very difficult while social media sharing. So choose a niche, most preferably a less trodden category and ensure originality and relevance of the content.

Relevant topics

Audiences are most likely to overlook the already published topics. Therefore, one way to grab some eyeballs is to write on new and out-of-the-box topics that provoke thought, are valuable and invoke emotions.

Maintain the right tone

Choosing a correct voice or tone of the content that perfectly suits the target audience is pivotal. When the audience can connect to the contents fully, you are most likely to get shares.

Choose a proper channel

You have numerous options to channelize your contents, but the correct channel will ensure landing of the contents at the right section of the audience. Conduct a study on various social media platforms and their popularity before posting your contents online.

2. Richness of Contents


Though you have put in much effort to ensure high quality of your contents, audiences may not find it good enough to share on social medial platforms.

Add value to your contents

Readers often tend to share a piece of an article when they find knowledgeable, informative and useful content. The content should always be fresh and present in some facts before the users whom they have not encountered before. Give your readers a scope to take away some useful knowledge after reading your contents, and they will be happy to share it.

Choose the right format

Sometimes, good contents fail to keep the reader glued to it due to an improper presentation. Such type of contents when presented in an impressive manner never fails to invoke an interest in the reader to remain attached to it. So use catchy titles, sub-titles and use short and crisp paragraphs in the content to make it look appealing.

Put some surprise elements

Always try to add something new to the content that you do not expect your readers to have come across before. They might be aware of the topic and have some pre-conceived idea in their mind about the topic. However, adding some surprising yet genuine facts does the magic by making the user wish to share it further.

3. Right Logistics


It is yet another important area to investigate where you need to ensure correct logistical setup for your content sharing.

Place the Share Button at the right place

The position of Share button in your blog plays a key role in getting a share from the users. Putting it in a place where it is vaguely visible or not working properly destroys the chances of the contents of being shared. Preferably, put it at the end of the article and keep it free from further complexities so that the user can easily hit it.

Create an early buzz by close alliances

Relying completely on your readers for the promotion of the content is often proved to be sheer foolishness. You have to fuel its visibility in the initial phase. Ask people in your circle to share it on social media platforms, move into a deal with some prospective followers to create an early boost for your contents.

Audience engagement

Have you ever thought of creating a large base of audiences following your contents devotedly? If you have not done it earlier, do it now. Random visitors will not promise a bright future for your contents, but a dedicated community will do. So lay out social media marketing strategies to keep your followers tuned to your site and engage them fully so that they will eventually become a well thriving community for your niche contents.

These methods are tested to have shown effective results for many firms. If you were still skeptical about the content quality and its end-results, then contact us today at info@conzeal.biz to hire our professional content writing services, and we would be glad to serve you with the best.

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